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A creative weekend of calligraphy & cafes

Life is busy at the moment, what with “keeping house” (whatever that means), feeding and entertaining two teenagers, packing and unpacking after two weeks away and running the business. I do manage to snatch precious “me” and “us” time but the over-riding feeling is of a whole load of plates in the air about to come crashing down!

So it was wonderful to indulge myself over the weekend by learning the new creative skill of calligraphy with Joyce of  Artsynibs and to do so in the beautiful Foundation Coffee House in the Northern Quarter of Manchester (about as far from the formulaic decor of Costa and Starbucks as you can get, thank goodness!). Just sitting in there sipping real leaf tea from modern ceramic tea cups would have lifted my soul. Engrossed for three hours in the relaxing and rhythmic actions of creating swirls and loops across smooth paper I felt myself truly let go of some of the “plates” and just exist in the moment.


Since the course I’ve become addicted to calligraphy, filling pages with words and letters as I seek to improve and create smooth, flowing, sloping script.

I then had the opportunity to combine my love for photography, coffee and cake when I visited a new gallery and tea room, to help the owner with some food photography. Despite the driving rain and getting embarrassingly lost I was again instantly cheered by the wonderful art and ceramics on display by local artists and another beautifully designed cafe. Gina of GK Gallery in Salford has painstakingly taken care of every last detail and I think what she’s achieved at such a young age (mid twenties) is amazing.

Processed with MOLDIV

Processed with MOLDIV

This blog post is a little more flowery than my usual practical “how to” posts, but I really have been thinking hard about how important it is to take time out to be creative or simply admire other people’s creative work. So, normal service will be resumed in the next blog post! Thanks for indulging me.

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