Festive Food Styling & Photography

I was starting to worry that I had ‘bigged up’ this workshop a bit too much and that my excitement levels were making me get carried away, but oh my gosh it was a wonderful event!

My partner in crime on food photography workshops is Nikki Hill, who hosts them in her beautiful home and also serves a lunch that manages to be both delicious and nutritious. And she was, if anything, even more excited than me.

This year we also joined forces with Karen Barlow, Creative Director and professional stylist, so that we could truly offer a wonderful experience for our guests.

Karen came up with the theme of an ethical Christmas table i.e. styling the table with natural foliage from the garden and also environmentally friendly, often reusable decorative items. She persuaded Denby Pottery to loan the beautiful white tableware, in keeping with their #consciouschristmas drive and she handmade the crackers from leftover wallpaper and empty loo roll cardboard. The candles on the table were made from eco friendly soy wax and supplied by Orchard Cheshire.

In addition we also had a number of other sponsors who generously loaned or gifted lots of props, home styling items and vouchers. See list below for all sponsors.

I’m not going to babble on for ages telling you about the day as the images below capture it perfectly. Just imagine you can hear Christmas carols playing (and excited chatter and the click of camera shutter buttons), smell gorgeous candles, mulled wine, mince pies, roast ham and much more, as you browse.

I honestly was blown away by the following review that came in just a couple of days after the workshop. You can read the full review here.

The Festive Styling and Food Photography Workshop was an amazing day packed full of learning, fun and festive cheer. The day started with Karen introducing us to the very relevant and important environmental issue of ethical styling and had prepared a beautifully presented table to demonstrate how ethical can be beautiful and classy. Following this Jane went through good camera settings to use for food photography, as well as tips for styling food to look professional and non-staged to impress on Instagram. She consciously catered for every photographic ability level by directing her support and feedback in a bespoke way for each of us related to our level of competence. In the meantime Nikki had been busy preparing us a feast for lunch that was fit for a king. This included an amazing glazed ham, roasted vegetables, cheesy potatoes, pastry creations, sausages wrapped in bacon and many other delights. It really was a fantastic day which I cannot recommend enough. I will definitely be booking again for the next one.


In the New Year we will announce the 2020 dates for Seasonal Food Styling and Photography Workshops.

Can’t believe I almost forgot to mention Marlowe, who slept through almost all the day, just waking for a cuddle and a picture every now and again.


Thank you to our wonderful and generous sponsors for helping to ensure that this was a lovely and enjoyable event for our guests.

Denby Pottery (place settings); Capture By Lucy Backdrops; Bowl and Whisk (brownies and mince pies); Orchard Cheshire (candles); Nikki Hill Apothecary (herbal tea); All That Glass (handmade Christmas decorations); The Hollies Farm Shop (Christmas puddings); Like The Moon In Daytime (calligraphy place name cards).

Lovely goody bag contents gifted by our sponsors

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