“This group has taken my food photos to a whole new level and I’m loving it!”

photo of Jane Burkinshaw

This is not just another online course 

Yes that is a very smiley happy picture of me isn't it?! Back in the days when the hairdressers were still open and I'd never imagined having to dye my roots myself.

It was taken around the time I launched a new online food photography group called Cook.Shoot. Eat. I was so excited as it pulled together everything I love doing and I knew it was just what lots of my students needed.

I was really missing running food photography workshops and was getting lots of enquiries from  people as to when I would be running them again. With so much uncertainty it was impossible to answer this and the logical solution was to offer teaching online.

Have you googled 'Online Food Photography Courses'? There are lots of them, mainly based on watching pre-recorded video tutorials and being part of a large Facebook community. The standard is usually very high but the cost can be too. Now I'm not saying they are not good value for money, as the content is good and a lot of work is involved in putting them together.

However, from my personal experience students learn faster and better when they are have more direct support from the tutor, to give them feedback, point them in the right direction and keep them inspired and motivated. The Facebook groups are much too big to enable this to happen and can feel very impersonal.

So this was my vision for Cook.Shoot.Eat...

It is not an online course. It's more like a virtual 'classroom' with a smaller number of pupils. The 'bookshelves' are filled with my food styling and photography resources such as videos, how-to guides, checklists and PDFs. Depending on what you need I tell you where to start and how to find exactly the right information and instruction for you. If you'd like me to I'll give detailed feedback on your images. 

There's a live group masterclass with me twice a month, where I'll focus on an aspect of food styling and photography that will best help you all. And you can ask questions and get ideas.

Your 'classmates' are all passionate foodies who love to share recipes and tips with each other and  who will also give you help and feedback.

When you really wish you weren’t working as all I want to do is bake, photo and recipe develop now I’m in this group!

You can join Cook.Shoot.Eat from £25 per month and upgrade, downgrade or pause your subscription at any time. So it's very flexible and affordable.

Cook.Shoot.Eat. has been going for three months now and is everything I hoped it would be and more. I think it's probably best if I let some of the students' comments and images do the talking from now on.

(There's a mix of camera and phone shots here. The emphasis is on helping people shoot with the equipment that they have, so they only buy equipment if they need to.)

The best thing I did in January was join an online food photography and cooking group. It has taken my photos to a whole new level and I’m loving it 😃 Also it has made me try out some super new recipes too!
The Facebook group are such a bunch of lovely and helpful people. I can’t tell you how inspiring I am finding it!

Debby, Feb 2021 @debbywight

I’m thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to improve both my photography and baking skills in a friendly and supportive environment. It’s great fun styling the food to photograph at my leisure and then sharing with the group. You can see what everyone else is creating and how they approach food styling so I’m learning from everyone. This is a really useful aspect of the group – the interaction between the members and receiving feedback and encouragement from all involved.

Louise, Jan 2021

Jane is so knowledgeable and on hand to answer on questions. I'm wanting to achieve better photos for my online Zoom baking workshops and the photos are really important to grab attention. In a short time I am seeing really great results. Couldn't ask for more!
Helen, Jan 2021 @bake.withviolet
Having joined Jane's group my styled photography has definitely improved. Using her tips and tricks, even my candid pictures and food process shots are getting better.
If this is the improvement in only 2 months I can’t wait to see what I can achieve in the future.
Maria, Feb 2021 @eatsleepbakerepeat

If Cook.Shoot.Eat sounds like it could be for you...

Then you can find more information and sign up here.

Or give me a call to have a chat on 07868 750505 or drop me a line.

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