Join the Love Your Lens Academy

Give your photography a kickstart or get out of a rut.

Do you really love photography, in fact you live and breathe it? And you really want to improve your skills and try new techniques or genres?

But something is holding you back and stopping you from making the progress that you want to.

Perhaps you lack confidence or motivation? To be honest we all do at times including me. 

Wouldn't it be lovely to be motivated, supported and encouraged to get to grips with new skills and types of photography? To have someone help you identify the things that are getting in your way and then show you step by step how to move past them.

Sign up to the Love Your Lens Academy and join a small group of like-minded people who are also passionate about photography, eager to learn and also keen to share their knowledge.

As your abilities grow, your confidence will soar and so will your enjoyment of this fabulous 'hobby'.

What is included in the Academy Monthly Membership?
  • A one to one 30 minute online tutorial with me.
  • Support in identifying and  setting your goals and putting in place plans to achieve them.
  • Critique on up to 5 images weekly.
  • Access to exclusive training materials including videos, blog posts and podcasts.
  • A weekly group online tutorial to discuss common topics and problems.
  • Free access to the weekly VIP Tutorials in the main Love Your Lens group. (Usual cost is £7 per tutorial).
  • A dedicated Facebook group for Academy members only, where you can ask me questions.
All of this for just £40 per month.
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