Fine Art Photography Masterclass

Fine Art Photography Course
Fine Art Photography Masterclass – £90pp. Max 8 people.

New 2016 dates coming soon

10.00am-3.30pm. Light lunch and refreshments included.

Venue: The Botanist, Alderley Edge, Cheshire

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This fine art photography masterclass is suitable for people who understand the Exposure Triangle (how shutter speed, aperture and ISO work together) and are comfortable using the Aperture or Shutter Control modes on their camera. On this workshop you will plan a series of photographs of still life flower and food arrangements, using texture, form, light, shadow, colour or mood etc as your inspiration. The way in which you style the flowers or food, set up the shot and decide to edit it will all reflect your original creative intention.


Students on a previous masterclass at The Botanist

The masterclass at ‘the Botanist’ was a superb day for many reasons. The company of like minded photographers was excellent- we all gelled really well and there was clear evidence of folk being very comfortable giving and accepting hints, tips and ideas from each other as well as a willingness to share each other’s settings. The fact that we exchanged such information meant I was getting the benefit of not just your expert teaching but also the experience of folk who took photographs of a different style to my own default position. You gave, as always great 121 help and support as well as challenge that moved my practice on. The Top tips re: flat lays and tripods was very welcome. The food was fabulous though I do confess I was more interested in eating it than photographing it. Venue – well what can I say? Styling heaven, a new setting everywhere I looked, different styles of decor and objects that knit together in a superbly cohesive way. Great to have so many different natural lighting levels in 1 place. I just didn’t know what to look at or photograph first. You brought a really extensive selection of props to supplement what was already available. I had a fantastic day and recommend the masterclass to anyone with a desire to photograph still life settings. Fabulous.

Fiona, April 2016.


Photographs taken by students on the workshop

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Here is what the course entails:

  • Developing a creative brief.
  • How to set up an indoor shooting area for still life shots.
  • What to use as backgrounds for your shots.
  • How to style the flowers, food and props.
  • How to shoot more creatively.
  • How to shoot in Manual mode.
  • Shooting with and without a tripod.
  • Programmes and apps for editing fine art images.

Included in the price of each course:

  • Lunch and refreshments.
  • A digital copy of the course material.
  • Membership of a private Facebook Group.
  • Two weeks email support after the course.
  • “Members Only” access to Love Your Lens Photography Resources.

The Botanist at Alderley Edge is the perfect venue for Fine Art Photography, with its decor of stained and distressed wood, crumbling plaster and botany inspired props. We have the entire first floor at our disposal, with three distinct areas and plenty of natural light.

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