Photography & Pilates Weekend

From Snapshots to Great Shots

With Love Your Lens and Simply Escape.

11th - 13th November 2022. Hartington, The Peak District.

Photography with professional photographer Jane Burkinshaw
Plus Pilates with  Cilla Thwaites

Take time out for yourself to learn how to capture beautiful photographs and reconnect with your body with relaxing Pilates classes.

Gentle stretching soothes your body and calms your mind & helps you become more receptive to learning new creative skills. Photography is the perfect way to make us take life more slowly and appreciate what surrounds us.

A weekend in the beautiful landscapes of the Peak District will do you a world of good!

Good for: Anyone wanting to improve their photography skills – with any type of camera or smartphone – and combine it with gentle Pilates classes. Beginners and non-beginners are welcome for both activities.

Not ideal for: Very experienced photographers, unless you simply enjoy the company of other photographers and the opportunity to relax, grab some nice shots and do some Pilates.

What’s on offer?


If you want to move beyond snapshots and create images that really connect with people then you will love this workshop! Great images are the ones that tell a story and where you are moved to feel something; they make you laugh, feel joy, feel awe, feel hungry and so on. The viewer feels like the photographer felt when they took the picture and knows exactly what they wanted to communicate. This is a photography skill that I am fascinated by and driven by. And it doesn't require expensive cameras and lenses. You see the story and capture it, not the equipment you're using.

 Here’s an idea of what will be covered:

  • Basic phone and camera skills.
  • How to tell stories and create emotions in your photographs.
  • Why are you taking the photograph and what do you want to say.
  • How to use light, colour, composition and editing to communicate your story.
  • Learning to pay attention and to see differently.
  • How to edit your image to strengthen the message.

Pilates works the deep stabilising muscles to improve  strength and posture. It  has a strong mind/body connection, so you might like it if you like yoga.

Itinvolves precise moves and specific breathing techniques and increases body awareness which encourages efficient and graceful movement.


We want to give you enough time with me to practise taking better photos in different settings, as well as take advantage of unwinding with Pilates. So we’re offering a fairly full schedule, with some down-time factored in to allow you to relax and absorb what you’re learning.

However, rest assured that everything is optional! We want you to go at your own pace, and feel free to dip in and out of the sessions if that’s what feels right for you. After all, it’s your weekend 😉

For full details about the weekend, the accommodation and more please click on the Book Now button. You will be taken to the Simply Escape website. 










Your tutor

Hi, I'm Jane and I'm a professional photographer and tutor. I've liked photography since I was a teenager but now I absolutely love it! It's such a wonderful skill to be able to create photographs that tell a story, really connect with people and often become a precious memory.

One of my favourite quote is from David Alan Harvey, "Don't shoot what it feels like, shoot what it feels like." And that's what I will show you how to do in this workshop.