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I absolutely love hydrangeas. My husband doesn’t get it, he thinks they’re old-fashioned and prefers roses anytime. I find the mop head flowers and profusion of petals stunning and a complete joy to photograph. They come in a variety of colours in shades of white, pale green, pink, red, purple and blue and in some varieties the colour is determined by the acidity of the soil they are grown in. The two flower heads photographed here are a gorgeous, dusky, pinky purpley green and are my absolute favourite. They shout antique, romance and elegance.

I chose to shoot a series of images that would work together and would express these three words.  I used backgrounds, colours, textures and props that would convey this and would be a thread that runs through each shot, linking them together. I then edited them all in the same way.

I shot these for pleasure (and it was a lovely way to spend an hour or so), but I also knew I could use them in a blog and across my social media. People love beautiful images – they stop in their tracks, take time to look at them and want to know a little more. If you are running your own business or earning money from a  blog, you will know the importance of standing out from the crowd and getting people to click through to your website.

If you would like to improve your photography for your business take a look at the courses I offer: Photography for Bloggers and One to One lessons. If you’d like to know more just get in touch for an informal and friendly chat.

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