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What is mindful photography?

We whizz at high speed through our busy lives, rarely stopping to appreciate simple little moments. The stress and anxiety of modern life builds up and can result in feelings of overwhelm and even lead to mental health issues.

Mindful activities are well recognised as ways to counteract stress and anxiety and mindful photography is a perfect example. 

This workshop starts with a calming meditation putting you in the perfect state of mind to slow down and clear your head of everyday concerns. I will show you how to see in a different way, to notice small things, fleeting moments that can create beautiful and poignant images. 

I will cover some camera and phone settings to give you the skills and confidence you need, although this isn’t an in depth ‘how to’ photography course. In fact, I would encourage beginners to use your smartphone. I’ll also show you some core composition rules and how to see an image before you take it. And also how to do simple edits using freely available software.

There will be lots of opportunity to take photographs outdoors in the picturesque setting of The Farm Club at Pickmere Lake.

As daylight fades we will have a restorative and gentle hour long yoga practise in the candle lit barn (don’t worry, it’s lovely and warm in there).

And to end there will be a nourishing vegetarian banquet and chance to socialise, chat and wind down.


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