Shooting fast moving action

Camera settings to think about as follows:

SHUTTER SPEED – the faster the movement the faster the shutter speed needs to be. Here’s a cheat sheet to use as a guide – these are the minimum you need. Apparently you need a shutter speed of 1000th of a second to photograph Usain Bolt sprinting the 100m race!

On bright sunny days your camera will use higher shutter speeds but on dull days it can be quite slow and movement may be blurred.
If you are using P or A (av) mode you can increase the ISO to make the shutter speed faster.
In Tv or S mode you set the shutter speed you need. If the picture looks dark then increase the ISO.
In manual mode set the shutter speed as required. Don’t use a really shallow depth of field or accurate focusing can be difficult.

CONTINUOUS SHOOTING MODE – use this mode to take lots of shots at once as you hold the shutter button down, then pick the best shots later.

CONTINUOUS FOCUSING MODE – usually called AF-C or AI SERVO (Canon). The camera will track your moving subject and try to keep it in focus. This is especially useful if you are photographing a subject moving towards you – like the dog bottom right in the collage. Don’t forget to take it out of this mode afterwards and put it back to AF-S or one shot.

Have fun!

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