One to One photography lessons with Love Your Lens

Jennie on a photography workshop in France with Love Your Lens.

I have attended 4 workshops with Jane and had a course of one to one sessions to improve my photography. During this time I have gone from ‘ all the gear and no idea’ to someone who now shoots in manual, getting the shots that I want.

I would probably describe Jane as the ‘Fisher Price’ of photography! Not only does she make learning fun, but she also makes it simple! I love how Jane manages to break down the theory behind many principles of photography, but not so it feels like she is talking a in a different language. Her enthusiasm for photography is contagious and you can’t help but feel motivated to improve when you are in her company. An accomplished photographer herself, her photos and her attitude are a complete inspiration to anyone wanting to develop their photography skills further.

Just some of Jennie’s images taken on the workshop in France.

She is able to teach different people of different levels at the same time, yet respect their learning styles. You can tell that she genuinely enjoys teaching and gets a kick out of seeing her pupils achieve the shot that they want. She often goes above and beyond to support people in her classes. She offers constructive feedback and allows you to improve quickly.

Despite being a great photographer and excellent teacher, its Jane the person that is a massive draw. She is supportive, patient and funny,  and manages to connect to people on their level. After a few sessions, not only will you realise you have found a great photography teacher, but a friend too.

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