Jane provides first class group and individual support.

I can’t recommend Jane Burkinshaw highly enough. She is a skilled photographer with great teaching and coaching skills. Her person centred approach enhances individual learning making it accessible and fun.
I first became aware of Jane when I attended a Get Off Auto Workshop after having a DSLR camera as a Christmas present some years ago along with a gift voucher for the workshop, and can honestly say that my photography skills have improved massively since. I went on to do Jane’s workshops on Composition and Phone Photography. All were thoroughly enjoyable learning experiences in small groups in which Jane’s skills as a coach came to the fore. Jane has a unique ability in being able to work at the pace of each individual, there’s a good mix of theory and practice on the workshops and an added bonus that you get to sample her Husband’s fabulous baking.
Earlier this year I decided to further develop my photography skills, joined the Love your Lens Academy and booked a one to one lesson with Jane. I’ve not looked back. The Academy is a supportive group of individuals with a shared interest in improving their photography facilitated by Jane who provides first class group and individual support. I can highly recommend the Academy, one to one lessons with Jane and the workshops.
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