pages from a photography book
This photography workbook has been created as an aide memoire for key camera settings and, more importantly, as a tool to help you keep motivated and moving forward with your photography.
At times we all lose our mojo and 'focus' and feel as if we are stuck in a rut and not making any progress. I've been affected by this many times and also seen it in people I teach too. We start off with all good intentions but life gets in the way and before we know it, we haven't picked our camera up for weeks and we're feeling a bit rusty.
This workbook will encourage you to set your photography goals and projects for the year and to record your progress on a monthly basis. You can record your learning points and your successes and look back on how far you've come.
It's not a coffee table book filled with colour photos, in fact it's black and white and meant to be filled with your writing, in fact I hope it will get a bit dog eared around the corners from regular use!




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