Food Photography

AMAZING food photography workshop, don't even hesitate to get booked on. I guarantee you will love every minute and come away with serious knowledge and skill. I had a fantastic day and learnt an enormous amount, enough to create fantastic images in a matter of hours!  😉 xx Rachel



2020 has been a funny old year...

We had so many plans for amazing workshops - one for each season to celebrate the produce available, to enjoy some al fresco shooting and eating... but then Covid-19 happened...

And looking forward to 2021 there is still some uncertainty but we are ever optimistic that we will be able to bring you some amazing workshops.

However... if you want to improve your food styling and photography skills now you can join the Cook. Shoot. Eat. Club and get off to a flying start with your styling and photography skills. 


And as a foodie you will love the recipes and being part of a community of like-minded folks. Just click on the image or link to learn more and to join.