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Take your photography to the next level

Do you love photography but feel a bit stuck at the moment? Stuck with settings, not sure if your composition is any good or if you should be doing more or less editing?

Or you’ve got a new camera or phone and just don't know where to start with it.

Or you feel like you’re just not getting any better, but you’re not sure why. You think your photos are quite good but you look at other people’s and wonder why they seem to have the 'wow' factor and yours don't?

Maybe you're happy with some areas but you could do with some help with a particular aspect of photography?

Or perhaps you’re just bored of the same old same old? You feel like there’s nothing worth photographing when you’re not going anywhere new?

I bet at least one of these resonated with you, if not several. Because it’s normal to feel like this and you are definitely not alone.

I know the solutions to getting un-stuck and falling in love with photography all over again.

  • You need to know where you are currently at and where you'd like to be. And then a plan to help you get there.
  • You need expert answers to your questions and advice to solve your problems.
  • You need feedback to show where you’re smashing it and where you could improve.
  • You need encouragement and motivation to get out there to take photos and get some practise in.
  • You need someone in your corner to cheer you on, occasionally pick you up, to make sure that you don’t get stuck.
  • You want to know that you’re making progress, getting more confident and really able to enjoy your favourite hobby.

You need 'Shoot To The Next Level.'

A three month long programme of bespoke tuition and support, designed to help you make significant improvements in your photography skills and confidence.

  • We kick off with a personalised analysis to find out all about you so that the programme is designed around you from the outset.
  • We meet for a two hour, face to face lesson at the end of which we agree a project or tasks for you to continue working on.
  • You work on your project with support, feedback and motivation from me via WhatsApp. Send me images* for critique and any questions that arise*.
  • We meet for a second two hour, face to face lesson within 4 weeks of the first.
  • Support and feedback via WhatsApp continues until the three month programme comes to an end.

*Max 10 images or questions per month.



It can be either or both! Whatever you enjoy photographing with.

It doesn't matter whether you are just starting out in photography or you are more experienced. The tuition will be tailored uniquely for you.

Lessons start anytime after 1st January 2024, but you can book your slot in advance. The first lesson must take place by 31.03.24. The second face to face lesson should be taken within 4 weeks of the first.

As soon as you sign up you will receive an invitation to enrol. You will then be able to access a questionnaire to complete, that will help me get started with designing your training programme. Your first lesson will take place after 1st January 2024.

Most people find that 4 hours is a long time to concentrate and it's more effective to have 2 sessions. It also means that you can practise between lessons.

In my studio classroom near Northwich in Cheshire.

You can send me up to 10 images or questions per month.

It starts on the date of your first face to face lesson and ends 3 months later.

Yes of course! You can present them with the order confirmation and they can enrol anytime after that.


Hi, I'm Jane, professional photographer turned tutor, with an all-consuming love for photography and a passion for helping others to love it too! 

I know that people learn best by doing and that loads of practice is the only way to become a better photographer. I also know that life gets in the way and it's only normal to get a bit stuck sometimes.  That's why I believe this programme provides the perfect solution. You'll have me by your side the whole time to make sure you stay on track.

Let's get you onboard

There are only 10 places available to ensure that I can give you the support you need. 

Sign up by midnight 30th November 2023.

Programme Price £275

What's included:

  • Personal skills analysis.
  • 2X two hour face to face photography lessons.
  • Support and feedback for three months via WhatsApp.

PLUS an additional bonus

  • 3 months FREE membership to the 365 Club (worth £30). This is a new membership group for people who want to practise their photography by taking a picture a day for a year with support from me. Details will be available shortly.


Payment details


* A payment plan is available. Details on request.




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