Are you using this great phone photography tip?

Do you pinch outwards to zoom on your phone?

Oops! That’s not the best way to do it. You need this really useful phone photography tip.

(This applies to all phone brands)

Your phone camera probably has at least two lenses, if not 3 or 4. This is fantastic news because they let you get closer to the subject and the more you zoom the less distortion you get (like buildings leaning inwards).

BUT… I bet, like me, you’ve not been getting the most out of the amazing lenses, because you’ve been making a big mistake…


What, wait a minute, that’s wrong?

Well, it’s not wrong exactly, as it does get you closer, but you may not be getting the best quality images by doing it that way.

Don't pinch outwards...

Tap on these numbers instead.

This is why… your phone has two types of zoom - Optical and Digital.

Optical Zoom is the real deal making the most of those fantastic lenses on the back of your camera.

Digital Zoom is just enlarging the pixels, which gives you inferior quality images.

To stick to Optical Zoom and get top quality images, don’t pinch outwards to zoom. Instead, tap the numbers that you see at the bottom of the screen when you open the camera.

Any numbers between these, like 0.7, or higher than the last one are Digital Zoom.

If you're still a bit unsure check online what optical zoom your phone make and model has.


Who knew that we’ve been doing such a simple thing wrong all this time!

There’s so much fantastic stuff hidden away on your phones and that’s why you need to come along to one of my phone photography workshops  to get more great phone photography tips at Tatton Park. They are running throughout 2024 and I'd love to see you there!

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