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Visual Storytelling

This article first appeared in Cheshire Life magazine March 2024.Visual storytelling – a picture is worth a thousand wordsThe saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” is usually attributed to an American called Fred R. Barnard, who wrote it in 1921 in relation to the power of images in advertising. It has since been […]

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how to photograph silhouettes

Unlock the hidden potential of your phone camera

Unlock the hidden potential of your phone cameraThis article originally featured in Cheshire Life magazine October 2023.Capturing life’s precious moments in stunning detail has never been easier, with the staggeringly good cameras on smartphones. However, many of us just point and click, hoping for the best, and we are often frustrated with the results. Join […]

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postcard with 3 images and quote

Beyond snapshots: part one

Beyond snapshots – part one’Of’ or ‘about’… It’s not just semantics.Take a look at your photo gallery or your Insta profile (or someone else’s) and ask yourself whether the photographs are of a subject or about it.If you’re not sure, the first question to ask yourself is “how does it make you feel?”If it leaves […]

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Screenshot 2023-07-18 at 17.51.37

Lost your phojo? Here are 7 ways to reignite your passion for photography

‘Phojo’A joy and passion for photography.Having the motivation, inspiration and creativity to enjoy photography.(Not yet an official word… rejected by Collins dictionary but I love it!)Is this your camera? Sitting alone and gathering dust on a shelf? Or is it ages since you’ve used your smartphone camera for anything other than quick snapshots? Are you experiencing […]

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Travel photography tips

Travel photography tipsThe phrase ‘travel photography’ conjures up images of buddhists in temples in Thailand or riotously coloured festivals in Delhi, but actually ‘travel’ just means to go from one place to another. And photography is just capturing the experiences you have.Whether you’re travelling half way around the world or two hours to a beautiful […]

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Portrait Mode iPhone

LYL On Air – Ep 10: How to properly use Portrait Mode on an iPhoneMost people who come along to my phone photography workshops know that Portrait Mode on the iPhone blurs the background. What they often don’t know is that you can control and change the ‘depth’ effect. Watch this short video to find […]

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lenses for food photography

LYL On Air – Ep 9: Which Lenses Do You Need for Food Photography?You’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear that you can get some really lovely images with just a couple of inexpensive lenses. Watch this short video to find out which ones you need.I hope that you’ve found this video useful. Let me know […]

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Do you need a tripod for food photography

LYL On Air – Ep 8: Do You Need a Tripod for Food Photography?Do you really need a tripod for food photography?It depends what type of photography you’re doing and how you like to work. In this short video I’ll share when I use one and when you can get away without doing so. I […]

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LYL On Air – Ep 7: How to Photograph Food with a PhoneMy top tips for taking mouth-watering shots of food with your phone.You’ll be surprised about some of them, I’m sure and be using them all the time after you’ve watched this short video.I hope that you’ve found this video useful. Let me know […]

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LYL On Air – Ep 6: Do You Need a Camera or a Phone for Food PhotographySmartphone cameras are so good but are they as good as cameras for food photography? And if you do decide to get a camera what sort should you get? This video will help you to decide.I hope that you’ve […]

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LYL On Air – Ep 5: The Essential Ingredient For Fabulous Food PhotosDo you wish your food photographs looked more magazine quality rather than quick snapshots? But you’re not sure where you’re going wrong?Watch this short video to discover the essential ingredient for mouthwatering foodie photos.I hope that you’ve found this video useful. Let me […]

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aperture mode

LYL On Air – Ep 4: How To Use Aperture Mode in 3 Easy StepsIf you want to take more creative photographs you need to get off Auto mode and take more control of the camera settings. This can seem a little daunting with terms like aperture and ISO making little or no sense.The mode […]

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snapseed editing app

LYL On Air – Ep 3: An Introduction to the Snapseed Editing App.If you’re looking for an editing app that’s quick and easy to use, then Snapseed is perfect. It’s the one I use daily and that I recommend to everyone who comes along to my workshops.Watch the video to get a quick introduction to […]

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long exposure iPhone

LYL On Air – Ep 2: How to blur moving water with an iPhoneDid you know you can create stunning long exposure photographs of moving water with an iPhone? You know, those amazing, surreal images where waterfalls have gone all silky and smooth.Watch the video to find out how you do it – it’s so […]

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LYL ON AIR Spot Colour

LYL On Air – Ep 1: How to Do Spot Colour on a Black and White ImageHave you ever wondered how you make a part of your image colour in an otherwise black and white photo? Do you need big boy software like Photoshop or Lightroom to do it?You can do this quickly and easily […]

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Why and when should you use a polarising filter

  Polarising filters are a useful addition to your kit if you enjoy photographing landscapes. They reduce atmospheric haze and reduce reflected light, which can be helpful to your images in a number of ways: They give you more detail in the sky, revealing clouds and darkening the blue areas. In the images below you […]

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How to photograph silhouettes

Silhouette images have a certain magic about them don’t they? A simple story told with an outline against a beautiful backdrop, usually a sunset or other beautiful sky. They can be quite difficult to create though, often occurring by chance rather than intention. Here are some tips: Shoot towards the sun – but remember that doesn’t […]

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1/3 sec; f/22, ISO 100

How to photograph waterfalls with slow shutter speeds

Tips for photographing moving water, such as fast moving rivers and waterfalls As you will need to use a slow shutter speed you should avoid bright sunshine, so overcast days are better, or at sunrise and sunset. You will need to shoot in manual (M) or Shutter Priority Mode. Set the ISO to 100 and use a […]

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From snapshots to great shots: why slow down for landscapes

I’m taking a slightly different approach with this post and not taking you through all the classic composition rules for landscapes. I’d like to concentrate on WHY you are taking the photograph and what you should CONSIDER before you press the shutter. I’m a huge advocate for slowing down and thinking before you click away and end up with […]

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I love this shot! Lovely newly married couple in the midst of a busy street scene with people rushing by oblivious. The closeness of the shot puts me right there - in fact we congratulated them as they strode by.

Great street photography tips for newbies.

Practical street photography tips for “newbies” I was in London last week, having won a four day trip! We had an amazing time sightseeing, eating, drinking and of course, photographing. I decided to try my hand at street photography, well aware that it was out of my comfort zone. I learned a lot and thought you might find […]

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Fine art photography masterclass at the Botanist

What a fabulous day this turned out to be! The idea to hold a Fine Art Photography Course came to me when I first visited The Botanist in Alderley Edge late last year. It is a beautiful and unusually styled venue, with botany and gardening inspired props and plenty of distressed and stained wood panelling. If I’d […]

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Food market stalls

Makers Market Knutsford

    Markets are great places to practise your photography. There are so many interesting and colourful subjects and people generally don’t mind photographers snapping away. At the Easter Sunday Makers Market Knutsford people were in such high spirits in the long awaited Spring sunshine, that there were broad smiles all round! A few market photography tips […]

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daylight photography studio

Update from the studio

I’ve been in the new studio 3 whole months now and it’s marvellous! It’s changed the way I work, given me a new lease of life, awoken my creativity and given me back my mojo! I’ve posted quick snaps along the way: befores, afters, durings, pictures of courses, shoots and a party, but I’ve not […]

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10 things to photograph this Autumn – [4] – fungi

The wet and mild conditions of Autumn provide the perfect growing conditions for fungi and this exceptionally mild Autumn means that there’s lots around at the moment, without having to look too hard. They have their own kingdom completely separate to plants and animals and there are tens of thousands of different kinds. They are fascinating to […]

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10 things to photograph this Autumn – [3] HALLOWE’EN

Like it or not Hallowe’en is growing in popularity every year and if your children are anything like mine, the opportunity to dress up and be allowed to accept sweets from complete strangers is the ultimate in fun. Their costumes get more elaborate each year, as do the decorations in our house, even spreading out […]

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10 things to photograph this Autumn – [2] LEAVES

In the first of this series we looked at How to Photograph Trees (click on the link if you missed it). This time we’re going to concentrate on how to photograph Autumn leaves and capture their many glorious colours, shapes and textures. It’s all about the Light. Well of course it is as without light we wouldn’t have […]

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10 things to photograph this Autumn – [1] TREES

I LOVE Autumn (or Fall, for our friends across the pond!). Summer is fab while it lasts but around the start of September I yearn to wear fleecy jumpers and knitted hats, to walk through woodland, seeing my breath as white clouds, kicking through fiery coloured leaves with my wellies, spotting weird fungi on tree stumps and […]

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Holiday photos from Cornwall

We spent the second week of our summer holiday at my brother’s cottage in Marazion, Cornwall, with its famous landmark, St Michael’s Mount. Our accommodation is undergoing major refurbishment and we had been warned to have an “indoor camping” experience. It proved to be far more than this, with a beautiful kitchen, designer chairs in […]

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How to get blurred backgrounds in photos – with the aid of some meerkats – “simples!” (Part 3 – Distance)

According to my site analytics blog posts with pictures of cute babies and children on get far more views than those with (toy) meerkats, so I won’t be using my little Sylvanian family again! They enjoyed their little trip to the Riviera (side of our pond) but are glad to be reunited with their dad on the […]

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How to get blurred backgrounds in photos – with the aid of some meerkats – “simples!” (Part 2 – Focal Length)

In Part 1 we looked at how Aperture plays a big role in how to get blurred backgrounds in photos. Low f/numbers (large apertures) give us a narrow depth of field and high f/numbers result in a wider depth of field. This sounds pretty straight forward, but like lots of techie things it’s not quite […]

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How to get blurred backgrounds in photos – with the aid of some meerkats – “simples!” (Part 1 – Aperture)

How to get blurred backgrounds in photos is high on the list for people who want to take better images and it’s one of the things that distinguishes good pictures from snapshots. It can be easy to achieve but if you really want to understand what you are doing and how to control the amount of blur, you should read […]

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How to photograph babies indoors – capturing the every day stuff

Photographs of your baby beautifully dressed in your favourite outfit, with a shiny clean face and huge smile are fantastic and they are the pictures that end up in frames around the house. However, some of our favourite moments may not be “frame-worthy” but are still very special and the ones that make us laugh every time […]

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