How to photograph strangers – the 3 C’s

C for CONFIDENCE – it’s hard to photograph people you don’t know. I’m not comfortable with it, but there are some amazing shots to be had if we could just get over our fear. So I want you to go for it this week. I’ve had a go over the last week, knowing this topic was coming up and I’ve enjoyed it. And of course you can photograph people you do know too!

I asked the train driver if I could take his photo and told him about Love Your Lens and why I was doing it. Otherwise I just observed and shot. I like the serious station master.

C is for CONNECTION – If you are photographing someone who does know you are doing it, then you need to establish a rapport with them. Awkward subject and photographer = awkward and stiff photographs.

Take an interest in the person, be curious and friendly and tell them what you’re doing. Most people will be fine with you taking their photo. If they are not, then don’t.

And the final C is for CREATIVITY – look for a different angle, amazing light, try to tell a story. Is it obvious what your subject’s job is and therefore you can just photograph them with a shallow depth of field, or do you need to photograph them in the context of where they do their job and have a deeper depth of field? Is the image stronger in colour or black and white?

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