Update from the studio

I’ve been in the new studio 3 whole months now and it’s marvellous! It’s changed the way I work, given me a new lease of life, awoken my creativity and given me back my mojo! I’ve posted quick snaps along the way: befores, afters, durings, pictures of courses, shoots and a party, but I’ve not done a proper introduction. So, after a Spring clean today, I took a few photographs to show why I’m so chuffed with it!

Signs in studio

Signs and stuff around the studio, from Florida, Cornwall and Altrincham market! The bits of paper are my New Year’s resolutions for the studio (purposely blurred as some are secret!).

Photography props

The cupboards just inside the entrance are my pride and joy, keeping the washing machine etc hidden and housing my treasure trove of photography props. And I can’t wait to have the barn door open in warmer weather!

daylight photography studio

I’ve had the studio in lots of different configurations depending on what’s been happening in there. At the moment I’ve got mini portrait shoots going on almost every other day, to raise money for my trip to Kenya, so I’ve stored one table away and made plenty of space in front of the window. The white, copy Eames chair has been very popular and has featured in lots of the photos. Mr T sits on it when it’s not in use, to deter my dirty mutts from sleeping on it!

food photography lesson

I’m never happier than when I’m shooting in the studio and my current favourite subject is food! This is Marie, one of my clients, in action photographing her delicious sourdough bread, that she kindly left for us.

decor in the studio

One of the things I love the most is that I have a space of my own, on which to place my stamp and indulge myself with stuff that might look out of place in the rest of the house. Having said that, I do make sure I share the studio with the rest of the family (begrudgingly at times!), with the kids using it for homework, watching Netflix with their friends and generally enjoying a new space in the house. Even the dogs (Buster and Ferb) seem to enjoy it and I listen out for them coming in, with their claws tip tapping on the floor. Their favourite place is in front of the window, under the sheer curtain. All good until someone dares to walk past the house and then all hell breaks loose and I have to throw them out!

dogs in the studio

I’m in here now, blogging away on a rainy Sunday afternoon, hiding away a little from chores and general family mayhem, with Ferb at my feet. I’ve got three 5-6 year olds for a family portrait session this afternoon so the calm will be shattered and organised chaos will commence!


4 Responses to Update from the studio

  1. Marie March 29, 2015 at 1:44 pm #

    It really is a great space, I hope you continue to enjoy it.

  2. Naomi March 30, 2015 at 5:48 am #

    It is an amazing space Jane – so lovely to watch your visions ‘come to life’ I am currently planning my Garden Office and I am so looking forward to having my own walls and little haven to escape to 😉

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