Helford Passage and Helford Village


Helford Passage, gig race, Ferryboat Inn Fujifilm X10

Helford Passage is a lovely spot on the Helford River, offering everything you could want from a little seaside hamlet, a decent pub, boat hire, ice creams, crabbing, a tasteful gift shop and a dozen gigs! These are fast, narrow rowing boats and there’s obviously a thriving community of them in Cornwall, judging by the number of teams lined up on the beach. The races were all held out at sea and we have no idea who won but it was fun to watch for a while.

We paid the ferryman (“Don’t pay the ferryman!”) to take us across the river (Ferb barks at boats so you can imagine what he thought about the short crossing!) to Helford Village , an absolute gem of a place with white thatched cottages, another great pub, a village shop, a ford and a little cafe. I was pleasantly surprised that the kids seemed to enjoy the stroll around as much as we did.


Helford Village, white thatched cottages, the Shipwrights Arms Fujifilm X10

We seemed to be on a mission to drop into every hostelry we passed and as the sun was breaking through the clouds we popped into the Shipwright Arms and sat on the terrace overlooking the estuary. It would be a great place to spend an evening, with a tiered beer garden and BBQ area, but we had to get the last ferry back at 5pm.

It’s a beautiful time of year for wild flowers, with hedgerows, gardens and meadows bursting with colour, masses of tiny daisies spilling over stone walls. I was pleased that my Fujifilm X10 did such a great shot of capturing them in Macro mode.


Daisies decorating stone walls in Helford Village. Fujifilm X10, Aperture Priority, macro mode.

Another day in paradise almost over, we headed back to the Sail Loft for a quiet evening in.


I think this beautiful tree is a Cornish elm Fujifilm X10

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