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Portrait Mode iPhone

LYL On Air – Ep 10: How to properly use Portrait Mode on an iPhoneMost people who come along to my phone photography workshops know that Portrait Mode on the iPhone blurs the background. What they often don’t know is that you can control and change the ‘depth’ effect. Watch this short video to find […]

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lenses for food photography

LYL On Air – Ep 9: Which Lenses Do You Need for Food Photography?You’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear that you can get some really lovely images with just a couple of inexpensive lenses. Watch this short video to find out which ones you need.I hope that you’ve found this video useful. Let me know […]

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Do you need a tripod for food photography

LYL On Air – Ep 8: Do You Need a Tripod for Food Photography?Do you really need a tripod for food photography?It depends what type of photography you’re doing and how you like to work. In this short video I’ll share when I use one and when you can get away without doing so. I […]

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LYL On Air – Ep 7: How to Photograph Food with a PhoneMy top tips for taking mouth-watering shots of food with your phone.You’ll be surprised about some of them, I’m sure and be using them all the time after you’ve watched this short video.I hope that you’ve found this video useful. Let me know […]

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LYL On Air – Ep 6: Do You Need a Camera or a Phone for Food PhotographySmartphone cameras are so good but are they as good as cameras for food photography? And if you do decide to get a camera what sort should you get? This video will help you to decide.I hope that you’ve […]

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LYL On Air – Ep 5: The Essential Ingredient For Fabulous Food PhotosDo you wish your food photographs looked more magazine quality rather than quick snapshots? But you’re not sure where you’re going wrong?Watch this short video to discover the essential ingredient for mouthwatering foodie photos.I hope that you’ve found this video useful. Let me […]

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aperture mode

LYL On Air – Ep 4: How To Use Aperture Mode in 3 Easy StepsIf you want to take more creative photographs you need to get off Auto mode and take more control of the camera settings. This can seem a little daunting with terms like aperture and ISO making little or no sense.The mode […]

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snapseed editing app

LYL On Air – Ep 3: An Introduction to the Snapseed Editing App.If you’re looking for an editing app that’s quick and easy to use, then Snapseed is perfect. It’s the one I use daily and that I recommend to everyone who comes along to my workshops.Watch the video to get a quick introduction to […]

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long exposure iPhone

LYL On Air – Ep 2: How to blur moving water with an iPhoneDid you know you can create stunning long exposure photographs of moving water with an iPhone? You know, those amazing, surreal images where waterfalls have gone all silky and smooth.Watch the video to find out how you do it – it’s so […]

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LYL ON AIR Spot Colour

LYL On Air – Ep 1: How to Do Spot Colour on a Black and White ImageHave you ever wondered how you make a part of your image colour in an otherwise black and white photo? Do you need big boy software like Photoshop or Lightroom to do it?You can do this quickly and easily […]

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