Tips for photographing birds of prey

The next Birds Of Prey Photography Workshop is  26th November 2022. Book now.I was amazed...
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landscape photo

Go on, be a show off! Print your photos.

Why do you take photographs? I'm talking about the photographs you take for yourself or...
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How to take First Day at School photos

It’s almost that time of year again isn’t it? Instagram and Facebook will soon be...
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Cold January

How are your New Year Photography Resolutions working out?

January, I have to admit, is not my favourite month. It’s long, I’m usually skint...
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Set your photography goals for 2019

It’s National Make Your Dreams Come True day today so I thought it might be...
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5 Phone Photography Tips for Great Food Pics

A few years ago I wouldn’t even have tried to take photographs like this with...
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How to take your photography to the next level

 There comes a point when you've mastered the technical stuff enough to get exposure right...
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Where are you on your photographic journey?

And do you know where you want to get to? People take up photography for...
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How to take moody food photographs – with a phone

Moody food photographs are all over Instagram and Pinterest and it’s a style that looks set to...
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