My favourite food photography backdrops

I've got a LOT of different  food photography backdrops and am always on the lookout...
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Why your camera gets exposure wrong and how to deal with it

Left to its own devices (in AUTO modes) your camera may fail to expose a scene...
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How to photograph long exposure sunsets (without filters)

Discover how I learned how to photograph long exposure sunsets and, even better, it doesn’t...
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Why and when should you use a polarising filter

  Polarising filters are a useful addition to your kit if you enjoy photographing landscapes...
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An introduction to white balance

WHITE BALANCE This is really meant as a quick intro for people not familiar with...
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How to photograph silhouettes

Silhouette images have a certain magic about them don’t they? A simple story told with...
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10 reasons why your shot is not in focus

This is a photo I took of a friend’s lovely white Alsatian (Luna?). You might not...
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How to photograph waterfalls with slow shutter speeds

Tips for photographing moving water, such as fast moving rivers and waterfalls As you will...
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How to photograph strangers – the 3 C’s

C for CONFIDENCE – it’s hard to photograph people you don’t know. I’m not comfortable with...
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