Food market stalls

Makers Market Knutsford

    Markets are great places to practise your photography. There are so many interesting and colourful...
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daylight photography studio

Update from the studio

I’ve been in the new studio 3 whole months now and it’s marvellous! It’s changed...
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Sony A7 review

First thoughts on my new Sony A7 camera

“You’re buying another camera?!” I’ve lost count of the times I’ve heard this recently, but...
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Do I need a tripod?

Do I need a tripod? I get asked this a lot and I think it’s...
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pancakes with lemon

Pancake Day in photographs

  Pancake Day has fallen in the school holidays – yes! We’ve got time to...
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“Turn the garage into a studio?! You must be mad!!!”

6 months ago we decided to convert our garage into a natural light photography studio...
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what is ISO

How to shoot indoors without flash

We recently made a much anticipated visit to the Dr Who Experience in Cardiff, where...
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10 things to photograph this Autumn – [4] – fungi

The wet and mild conditions of Autumn provide the perfect growing conditions for fungi and...
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10 things to photograph this Autumn – [3] HALLOWE’EN

Like it or not Hallowe’en is growing in popularity every year and if your children...
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